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Dental Implant Therapy


Dr. Reza M. Iranmanesh is one of Tampa, Florida’s leading experts in whole mouth rehabilitation and Dental Implant Therapy. Even if your needs are simple – perhaps, the replacement of a broken molar with a crown fixed on a dental implant – you will want to have the best diagnosis, treatment plan and execution of that plan to fully restore your biting function with a natural looking tooth.

You also will want to ensure your treatment will predictably last and that any concerns will be promptly addressed. You will want quick, efficient treatment with the least number of dental visits and amount of time in the dental chair.

This is Dr. Iranmanesh’s promise: Providing compassionate, efficient care to achieve the highest standard of functional quality and aesthetics—and following-up to ensure you are satisfied with the results. His office staff and care team are friendly, caring and offer exceptional hospitality and service.

Dental implant therapy is the gold standard of care today for replacing missing or greatly diseased teeth. It is predictably successful, long lasting, and provides optimal benefits. If you have a full over-denture or partial denture (bridge), or have lost or will soon lose a tooth—an implant may be the solution for you.

Dr. Iranmanesh makes himself available for an initial dental implant consult that is free of charge. This may be the first visit to inquire about dental implant therapy or a second-opinion visit after seeing another dentist or specialist. Many patients are referred to him by dentists and specialists in Tampa for Dental Implant Therapy and other dental restorations, because of his restorative expertise, breadth of treatment experience, and knowledge of harmonious whole mouth rehabilitation.

When patients are referred to him for treatment by another dentist, they return to their referring dentist for continuing preventative and maintenance oral care—and Dr. Iranmanesh follows up with both the patient and referring dentist to ensure the quality and satisfaction of his treatment.

“Dental implants are fixtures resembling screws that are placed into the jawbone, on which a crown, bridge or full over-denture is fixed to provide maximum stability,” says Dr. Iranmanesh. “After treatment, your smile will appear naturally beautiful. Your teeth will function optimally with full biting strength. And, there will no longer be potential for your bridge or denture to slip and your mouth to become sore.”

Dr. Reza Iranmanesh is an expert in dental implant treatment planning. As a prosthodontist, he is a specialist in the creation of prosthetic restorations for best fit, function and appearance. He is trained at the highest level of his profession for diagnosing, treatment planning and treating difficult cases, and managing special health circumstances.

Using the latest Sirona CAD/CAM technology, Dr. Iranmanesh can custom-design and fabricate your fully functioning and aesthetic tooth-colored prosthesis and attach it to your implant in a single day. Patient feedback from our fully integrated Sirona Technology system is extremely positive, due to the comfortable way digital images and impressions are made and due to the ultra efficiency of milling and finishing your prosthesis immediately onsite.

“Whether you need a new crown to repair a damaged tooth, desire a better solution for your bridge or over-denture, want to make aesthetic improvements to your smile, would benefit from adjustments to make your bite more comfortable and functional, or would like the peace of mind of knowing your restorations are still healthy and sound, I am here to help you,” says Dr. Iranmanesh.

You are invited to make an initial no-fee appointment with Dr. Iranmanesh to discuss your oral health circumstances and whether dental implant therapy is right for you. It will be his genuine pleasure to see you and help you make choices to improve your quality of life. Dr. Iranmanesh offers flexible appointment hours and financial arrangements, as well as third party financing for dental implant therapy through CareCredit, Lending Club, or Wells Fargo Health Advantage.

Dr. Iranmanesh can help you achieve comprehensive oral health so your fine dentistry lasts. If you have gum or bone health issues, these problems will be solved in conjunction with your dental implant treatment. With rare exception, all people who have missing teeth are good candidates for dental implants when the health of the surrounding bone and gum tissue are optimized, and the most appropriate type of implant is selected for the individual’s special circumstances. If you need a bone graft, periodontal treatment or another procedure, a few more steps will be involved, but the quality of life improvements are well worth the extra time and care invested in your mouth.

With proper homecare and regular checkups, your implant can be a long-term solution for a natural-looking smile. With today’s materials and precise methods, expert dental implant therapy has a 95% success rate. Dr. Iranmanesh has experienced even greater success.