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Before and After Cases


My name is Dr. M. Reza Iranmanesh. Our goal since 1983 has been to stay in front lines of dentistry; with revolutionary technology and techniques. Our philosophy is simply to care for you as our patient with quality treatment and the respect you so deserve. I have a true passion for dentistry and treating you as a patient. These are some of the extraordinary cases that my staff and I had the chance to work on.

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Severe erosion, discoloration, and worn dentition. Full mouth upper and lower crown and veneer combination restoration treatment, to restore the normal height of teeth for a complete natural looking smile.
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Advanced periodontal disease. Missing, loose, and, discolored teeth. After the extraction of all damaged teeth and placement of implants this patient was restored to full teeth with conventional upper denture and a Non-Removable implant supported lower denture. Once again you will be able to enjoy meals without the worry of moving teeth.
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Extreme Smile Makeover

Failing existing old crowns and veneers. New state of the art materials used to provide a realistic and natural look.
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Discolored and misaligned teeth restored with the most natural looking All Porcelain Veneers.
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