CEREC® Same Day Crowns & Bridges

Depending on the dentist or dental specialist, and the clinician’s location, a traditional crown can take at least two visits to the dentist and a wait in-between while a lab makes the crown. Dr. Reza Iranmanesh of Tampa, Florida, uses the latest Sirona® imaging and CEREC® CAD/CAM milling to give you new individual crowns or a bridge supported on crowns — all in one day!
Fortunately for his patients, the cost of a same-day restoration is not higher than a traditional restoration, and most dental benefits plans cover CEREC® milled crowns.
Because Dr. Iranmanesh is a Prosthodontist with decades of experience replacing missing teeth with naturally beautiful and fully functional dental restorations, you will not sacrifice on appearance or function when he provides you with this one-day treatment.
After Dr. Iranmanesh prepares a tooth to receive a crown, he uses a special wand with a camera on the end to create a three-dimensional picture of the tooth and adjacent teeth. Dr. Iranmanesh then uses the 3D image to design the form of the crown that will go on that tooth. A mouse click sends the design to the milling machine, which sculpts the tooth from a small block of ceramic. He is so skilled that he is able to quickly create beautiful life-like porcelain restorations, with color gradations and a beautiful polish. These restorations have good longevity and perfect fit.
Dr. Iranmanesh commonly schedules patients to come to his office immediately after they have a root canal, so he can prep the tooth and mill the crown all in one day. You do not need to wear a temporary restoration while you wait for a ceramic crown to be made in a dental lab. With the one-day crown treatment, you have fewer dental visits and faster results. Due to his advanced skill and today’s latest 3D digital technology, your crown will be perfect… in function, fit, and appearance. The efficiency and affordability are benefits every patient appreciates.
Dr. Iranmanesh will be happy to examine your mouth and talk to you about your restorative options. If you need more than one restoration, for example, a filling on one tooth, a crown on another, and/or a dental bridge or implant to fill a gap due to a lost tooth he will recommend the types of treatment that are in your best long-term interest, and work with you to accomplish your oral health goals in as short a period of time as possible, or if you rather, in phases you can better afford. The good news is that, with his 3D technology and expertise, you have the option of achieving extensive restoration all in one day.
Dr. Iranmanesh stands behind the quality of his work. During the first year after he places dental restorations in your mouth, he will follow up to make sure they are functioning optimally for you and that you are happy with them. His patients’ happiness and improved quality of life are extremely important to him. As his patient, your satisfaction and quality of life will be, too.

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