Precision Partial Dentures

Precision partial dentures in place

Precision partial in place

Removable Appliances

When many teeth in your upper or lower arch are missing, precision partial dentures are a good option for replacing them.

Precision partial dentures are removable appliances that are held in place by special attachments that are fitted to your teeth. These attachments help hide the clasps, so they are significantly less visible in your mouth.

With proper home care, regular adjustments and relines, your precision partial can provide a functional bite and a natural-looking smile.

Placing Precision Partial Dentures

The process of making partial dentures varies in each case, and it usually involves a series of appointments.

The first step in placing precision partial dentures is to shape the supporting teeth, so the attachments precisely fit them. Next, we take impressions of your mouth, including the prepared teeth.

An accurate model of your mouth is made from these impressions, and the lab uses this model to create the precision attachments.

Second, when the attachments are ready, we place them on your teeth and then take new impressions.

A new model is made, and the denture framework is made on this model to fit your bite and the attachments. In some cases, a wax rim is mounted on the framework for you to try in. This helps confirm the correct relationship between the upper and lower teeth.

Third, the lab then creates a wax replica of the final denture, called a wax-up. Depending on the circumstances, we may have you try in the wax-up, and we note any changes to the fit and to the color, shape and placement of the teeth. We send the wax-up back to the lab, and they process it to create the final precision partial denture.

When the precision partial is ready, we bring you in for a “try in” appointment, and we make any necessary adjustments here in the office.


precision partial denture


Benefits of Precision Partial Dentures

Precision partial dentures have several benefits. They help stop your remaining teeth from shifting. They balance your bite, so you chew better and have a healthier jaw joint. The dentures also provide support for your lips and cheeks, which helps you speak clearly. The precision attachments hold the dentures in place and help you look your best.

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