Sirona® 3D Digital Imaging

The Latest Sirona® Technology

Dr. Iranmanesh uses Sirona’s® leading XG 3D digital imaging technology to create 2D or 3D X-RAYS. He is one of a small percentage of clinicians who have mastered operation of this 3D X-RAY machine. This technology enables precise evaluations to be made so Dr. Iranmanesh can perform implant therapy and other treatments with tremendous reliability and efficiency.
Dr. Iranmanesh uses Sirona’s® Bluecam technology to scan powdered tooth surfaces in seconds. The camera produces precise 3D images of individual teeth with exact tooth margins. This digital impression technology is more efficient and reliable to work with than traditional impressions. Patient comfort is enhanced.
Dr. Iranmanesh also uses Sirona’s® MCXL CAD/CAM milling machine to mill ceramic tooth restorations. His proficiency with this machine and all of Sirona’s® integrated system components allows him to complete treatment in a single session. His exquisite crowns and other restorations are carefully crafted to maximize tooth function and aesthetics.
Patient feedback from this fully integrated and efficient system has been extremely positive.
I invested in this technology and have taken extensive operator training so my patients can benefit from optimal quality and the streamlined workflow,” said Dr. Iranmanesh. “Patients appreciate this efficiency and the knowledge that the procedures I perform will be predictably successful.

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