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Karine OliviaWith the purchase of the in-office whitening procedure or the purchase of the take-home whitening procedure, you can enroll in our White Teeth for Life program to receive a free whitening gel syringe every time you visit us for your regularly scheduled hygiene appointment!
Step 1: Find out from Dr. Esfahanian or Dr. Iranmanesh if whitening is appropriate for your oral health circumstances. If you are a candidate for whitening, all you have to do is purchase the in-office or take-home whitening procedure and inform our receptionist that you wish to enroll in the program. Even if you choose the faster in-office treatment, we will make impressions of your mouth, have custom whitening trays made that fit your mouth optimally, and supply whitening gel for you to use in your trays at home for touch ups.
Step 2: Once you enroll, make sure to maintain your regular scheduled hygiene appointments as prescribed by the dentist, and we’ll give you a free whitening gel syringe after each appointment. This way, you are rewarded for being our loyal patient and you can brighten your smile for the rest of your life. If you miss your appointment, speak with us about the possibility of re-enrollment.
What if I already have custom whitening trays? If you already have whitening trays, simply arrange a visit for one of our dentists to evaluate the fit and accuracy of your trays. If your trays fit well, you are all set to enter our White Teeth for Life program! If it has been a long time since you whitened your teeth, you may need to purchase a take-home supply of whitening gel in order to brighten your teeth to the desired shade. When you come for your regular hygiene appointments, you will receive your free syringe of whitening gel for touch ups!
To learn more, talk to us at your appointment or give us a call today!

* Program enrollment is Free with purchase of the in-office or take-home whitening procedure. No coupon necessary. Prosthodontics and Implant Therapy reserves the right to discontinue special offers at any time.

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